Liberals have done everything they could to stifle Alberta

Dear Editor,

I don’t believe I have ever said or implied that Alberta sends money to other provinces directly through equalization payments. I know that we send the money to Ottawa who takes their vigorish like a mafia don then gives it to Quebec and the Maritimes, NFLD recently being exempted. What I have said that if every Albertan had to write a check directly to these other provinces, approx, $5,000 per man woman and child every year they would hesitate before signing the check. You can argue that sending our money to Ottawa, who distributes to the other provinces is different than sending it directly but the result is still the same. I have put forth the same argument no matter who is in power, Conservative or Liberal, or in todays minority government the NDP. I realize that it not easy to change the process as it was set up to benefit Quebec and they have no intention of getting off the gravy train. PM Harper tried to improve many aspects of Confederation, from the EI eligibility to accountability for Reserve council and chiefs. His reward was defeat at the polls. and reversal of policy by the Liberals. Canada is like a big family where only a few work and the rest sit around, consume and whine for more. It is even worse when some, like Quebec and the Maritimes stand in the way of those who want to work, Alberta. Since being elected PM Trudeau and the Liberals have done everything they could to stifle the Alberta economy, from cancelling Northern Gateway, joining with Quebec to cause the abandonment of Energy East, buying TMX to pretend they care when they had made it impossible for Kinder Morgan to get it built, the list goes on. The USA has many faults but that has not stopped millions from risking their lives to try and get there, legally or illegally, if you look at the states and cities with the most problems you will find that they have Democratic Governors and Mayors. PM Trudeau is leading us down the same path of not enforcing the law of the land and placing Canada in insurmountable debt. Like the working member of the dysfunctional family who finally tires of the abuse and leaves, Alberta should do the same.

Gord Snell

Three Hills, AB