Some folks just don’t want to accept responsibility

Dear Editor,

Re: COVID-19 pandemic

To those individuals who will not support wearing masks and social distancing, may I suggest they put their “money where their mouths are”.

I would like them to sign a legal document stating that if they become ill from this virus, they are to be denied medical treatment, or they agree to pay for their own medical treatment.

And the same goes for those individuals who refuse to get immunized against the flu and against the COVID-19 virus (when its developed). Every year thousands of Canadians die from the “flu bug” because many of them have refused to take the flu shot. In America, over 30,000 people die every year from the flu, and many of those people had refused to take the flu vaccines.

The medical costs to keep people alive after getting sick from these viruses are astronomical, yet we have the “deniers”. People who claim they have a right to refuse vaccinations, yet when they become ill they expect society to pay for their upkeep.

It’s the same for folks who refuse to buy travel insurance. They gamble that they will not become ill or injured while vacationing in America for example, but, when “poop hits the fan”, they want assistance from the government or from their friends to bail them out.

The same goes for folks who refuse to buy house insurance. When their homes get flooded-out or their houses burn down, they want someone to bail them out.

Some folks just don’t want to accept responsibilities for their own “foolish” actions. In my opinion.

George Thatcher

Trochu, AB