We want an equal vote in voting for the next Prime Minister

Dear Editor,

This is a response to the author of the September 2nd opinion piece by the liberal apologist, who wrote an attack regarding Alberta’s consideration of independence. He wrote using a strawman’s argument, which I found was wanting in facts or common sense reasoning. Rather, we had to suffer through the stereotypical liberal talking points and smears that we have all become to accustom too.

Mr. Thatcher begins his attack arguing against Alberta’s independence bid by arguing that we want to be ‘the North Texas’ of the United States of America. Well, let me say that this is new news for us Albertans. If we were to separate from Canada, are we to become automatically part of the United States? If so, where is that written? When Quebec took a vote in 1995 for Quebec’s independence, and had it passed, would Quebec automatically become part of France or its own independent country? Just asking.

Furthermore, I do not remember any English Speaking Canadian labeling those living in 1995 Quebec seeking independence as Nazis, KKK, John Waynes or Rambos. His inflammatory language, which is both uneducated and offensive, was to shame anyone who disagrees with his liberal dogma, but in reality it only goes to prove that, the liberals do not have a real argument.

In fairness, he does ask a very good question of where the money would come from to pay all the bills for this newly minted independent country. As of 2019, according to the National Post, Alberta and its citizenry paid out $240 billion as part of the yearly net federal fiscal transfer to Ottawa. To put this into perspective, that is one-and-a-half times more than British Columbia and Ontario combined. Interestingly, the population for both British Columbia and Ontario is over 14.4 million, whereas Alberta is just over 4.3 million as of 2020. Moreover, let us not forget all those excessive taxes imposed by the East, I.e. the Carbon Tax.

So how does Alberta make its money? In simple terms, it is in oil and gas. Unfortunately, Justin Trudeau and Ottawa has gone to war against Alberta and its industries by purposely-sabotaging Alberta’s oil and gas pipelines for their own political and financial interests. We have witnessed these attacks by the liberals in the news media by either having the pipelines canceled, blocked or delayed. How is that helpful towards Alberta and its people? Maybe he has an answer for that.

Finally, in 2019, when Fort McMurray was burning due to historic wildfires causing massive devastation to our province, Justin Trudeau and Ottawa’s response was nothing more than a bored yawn. Our suffering in Alberta are of no concerns to Trudeau and his party. Justin Trudeau’s only concern is Alberta’s wealth and having it sent out east to the benefit of Quebec and Ontario.

So, for the readers and the author, let me speak clearly, so that you may understand those who are considering Alberta’s independence and who are not looking to join the United States. Albertans want our voices and our concerns heard in Ottawa. We want an equal vote in voting for the next Prime Minister. Lastly, we want to throw off the shackles imposed on us by the tyrannical East. However, if we are to continue in this abusive relationship with Ottawa, then maybe its time for us to consider a divorce. In truth, we receive very little in the way of benefits from Ottawa, whereas Ottawa receives hundreds of Billion’s from us yearly. It might be time for us to seek a divorce lawyer.

Roger Foard

Three Hills AB