I will continue to criticize nepotism and cronyism

Dear Editor,

Re: “We want an equal vote in voting for the next Prime Minister” ; Sept. 16, 2020

If the author of this letter wishes to attack me, that’s okay as long as he quotes me correctly. Criticizing me won’t hurt me and insulting me won’t bother me either.

I did not say that individuals who proposed leaving Canada and creating a separate country or state were Nazis, KKK, or white nationalists. What I did say, paragraph 7 in my letter of Sept. 1, 2020, was, “Of course, on the positive side, a few Albertans will enjoy carrying concealed weapons, carrying assault rifles in public, like in Texas, Missouri, etc. (become would-be warriors like John Wayne and Rambo), joining the NRA, and enlist in all kinds of militia groups (most of whom are Neo Nazis, KKK, and white nationalists”. I should have said and “enlisting” instead of “enlist”. I guess I am “uneducated”, eh?

Maybe he should re-read my comments. Don’t put words in my mouth (counter culture tactics).

That author claims he wants an equal vote for the next Prime Minister. He must be confused with voting in America. In Canada, we vote for a political party, and, if that party wins the most seats, then the leader of that party becomes the Prime Minister.

Here’s some questions for him: How come Mr. Harper and Mr. Kenny, over a 10 year period of running the country, did not develop a national energy policy that would have helped Alberta’s energy sector? Built pipelines to the east coast and to the west coast? Are the liberals to blames for those failures? Not the other provinces?

What about equalization payments? The present gov’t is using the same formula that the Harper gov’t used. Whose fault is that? Maybe the author forgot that the Harper gov’t was conservative.

Let’s get something straight Mr. Separatist #2. I am not a liberal! I condemned Trudeau on several occasions, and I specifically called for his resignation. Does that mean that I am a conservative? I criticized the NDP gov’t on several occasions. Does that mean I am a conservative and a liberal? I even criticized the Green Party in BC for being hypocritical on their environmental policies. Does that mean that I am socialist, a conservative, and a liberal at the same time?

I will criticize any gov’t that misuses taxpayer’s money (supporting/propping up private businesses such as the energy companies, private health clinics, private schools, etc). Even the new leader of the Conservative Party of Canada, Erin O’Toole, criticizes politicians for contributing to“corporate welfare”, but that will be a hard sell in Alberta where politicians have a long history of contributing to “corporate welfare”. Furthermore, I will continue to criticize nepotism and cronyism in any political party such as we have seen with WE Charity by the Trudeaus.

I do not worship (idolize) politicians. What I want from politicians is for them to look at the long term consequences of their decisions (not on getting elected). In the end, partisan politics costs all of us money. Promises made but not kept. Projects not developed because of party ideology or because of regional disputes (east vs west).

George Thatcher

Trochu, AB