Do your own research during the lockdowns

Dear Editor,

Fear of the corona virus has caused many people to blindly follow recommendations from leaders without question. We know little about the nucleic acid vaccines produced by Pfizer & Moderna. Government has recommended that everyone be vaccinated when the vaccine becomes available yet no one has offered details concerning its potential long-term safety and side effects or the fact that it is a completely different kind of vaccine that has never been tested on humans. I don’t know if this breakthrough is a modern day miracle, or a disaster in the making, but we need to know as much as possible about this untested vaccine before it is given to our children and young adults that have a 99.9% chance of surviving COVID-19 without it.

When genetically modified grain came on the scene, people were outraged and wouldn’t consume GMO products. Now in 2020 we are lining up and demanding that the government put a genetically engineered unproven vaccine with six months of safety testing into our bodies. Nucleic acid vaccines require two vaccinations three weeks to a month apart. Make no mistake, this is not the vaccine of the past, this vaccine is targeting your cells and if anything goes wrong your children and grandchildren will have to live with the consequences for the rest of their lives. Pfizers’s nucleic acid mRNA vaccine provides a different bit of code for our cells to translate into bits of the Sars-CoV2 (COVID 19) spike protein which then solicits an immune response. It sneaks these instructions into our cells using lipid nanoparticles that mimic other types of proteins our cells are letting through their membranes. The vaccine is only supposed to enter the first of the two barrier membranes, but what is preventing it from entering the nucleus?

What are lipid nanoparticles and what are they made of? What adjuvant is used to initiate the immune response? How are these lipid nanoparticles removed from the body? Can an incorrect immune response cause our immune system to attack our body? Pfizer’s vaccine has to be stored at -70 degrees while Moderna’s vaccine is stored at more normal temperatures. Why are Pfizer’s vaccines so unstable? Are Canadians ready to accept genetically engineered vaccines?

These are a few of my questions, I am sure Canadians can think of many more. Do your own research during the lockdowns, contact your MPs and MLAs, and become leaders instead of followers. Only after receiving satisfactory answers to our questions can we make informed decisions on vaccinating our families.

Lynda Swanson

Red Deer County, AB