Let the Alberta Utilities Commission know your thoughts on the proposed Kneehill Solar Project

Dear Editor,

Over the last few years most readers have become aware of the proposed Kneehill Solar Project. Actual approval for the physical build has not been issued and is supposed to begin this autumn.

The proposed 25 megawatt facility will cover approximately 160 of 320 total acres and will consist of approximately 60,000 panels mounted in arrays on pilings. If looking west from the top of the Third Hill, the glass panels will occupy the entirety of the field on your left hand at the corner of the roads heading east-west and north-south.

The development proposal was initially owned by Samsung Renewables, a subsidiary of Samsung, Seoul, and is now owned by Capstone Infrastructure of Toronto. The power will be sent to Calgary.

The issues under discussion are mechanical noise and reflection on the north-west side of Three Hills, taxation on footprint, the suitability of farmland conversion, the long term visual effect on the third hill viewpoint, damaged panels and their chemical and other components, obsolescence and long term responsibility, weed control, vehicle traffic, etc.

The Alberta Utilities Commission welcomes all inputs, as do your elected officials. Intervenors are required to register under an efiling system as individuals or groups, and the proceeding number is 26768. All registrants will be emailed notice of proceedings. For further information, contact info@auc.ab.ca


Andrew Turner

Three Hills, AB