PM has character depth of a finger bowl

Dear Editor,

As much as I try to avoid any news related to PM Trudeau I was ambushed by a report of him posing for selfies at the War Memorial following the Remembrance Day service. This after he and Governor General Mary Simon arrived late apparently due to security concerns. His conduct reinforcing the belief that he has the character depth of a finger bowl or as I observed today the depth of the puddles on the paths at Anderson Park.

After quoting Stephan Harper, it is discouraging that Canadians, tired of his quiet competence and statesmanship elected an incompetent boy child not once but 3 times and according to his 60% approval rating will do it again. He is being helped by pseudo conservative Erin O’Toole. It proves the old saying “you can never underestimate the intelligence of people” which I have paraphrased from H. L. Mencken’s “ No one ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the American public.” To add credence to the saying we only have to look South to see where enough Americans hated President Trump’s personality that they ignored the fact that their economy was booming, the country was energy self sufficient, the Southern border was almost secure, Iran and China were being controlled and America was feared, if not respected, and elected Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. In short months everything has reversed. On his first day he killed the Keystone XL with PM Trudeau’s tacit approval, this has resulted in Pres. Biden begging OPEC to produce more oil as he won’t allow his own country to do so.

In AB we see the populace turning on Premier Kenny and the UCP. Half the people wanted more lockdowns, restrictions and mandates, half wanted less or none, every action was met with disapproval from both sides and within the party. It appears almost certain that no matter who is the leader the UCP will be defeated by the NDP. Albertans returning the government to the likes of Rachael Notley and Sarah Hoffman will not only prove that they have short memories but also that their intelligence cannot be underestimated.

Gord Snell

Three Hills, AB