Unlike Quebec we would be better off

Dear Editor,

This last 5 weeks have been different as my wife and I switched roles because of her hip replacement. Usually she has been my care giver and driver, but we have reversed our roles, that is to the extent that she allows. That combined with the cold weather have kept me at home or very close to home. I am sure most are familiar with the saying about idle hands and minds. I never have been good with my hands and before rude comment, I will agree that I am not known for prowess in the other area. However I can still read as long as the words aren’t too big and if I can find my rose coloured bifocals.

On that note I read an article on Elections Canada’s proposal to change the seat distribution in the House of Commons. PM Trudeau is upset that Quebec would lose 1 seat, not the fact that some other Provinces are under represented. Quebec would drop from 78 seats to 77, Quebec is of course outraged. Based on the present system, Quebec should lose 2-3 seats, Ontario should gain up to 10, Alberta gain 5, BC gain 4, Sask and Nova Scotia lose 4 each, PEI lose 3, Newfoundland and Labrador lose 2 and New Brunswick lose 1. Not going to happen as the rules are rigged in favour of the Maritimes and no surprise, Quebec. Under the proposed system Ontario would have 1 MP for 121,526 residents, Quebec 1 MP for 111,746, PEI 1 MP for 41,071 , Sask 1 MP for 84,274 NFLD 1 MP for 74,365, Manitoba and Alberta weren’t mentioned but using Elections Canada numbers the math said MB 1 MP for 100,000 and AB 1 MP for 120,000. If Ontario had the same ratio of MPs to population as Quebec, it would have 133 seats, same ratio, AB 40 and BC 47. Presently Ontario has 121, AB has 34 and BC 42. Will equitable change ever happen under Confederation, of course not and it wouldn’t matter which political party was in charge. It is interesting but not surprising that Quebec and the Maritimes who benefit the most from the rigged system also contribute nothing net financially, only receive. Quebec also gets to declare itself a “Nation” with the PM’s approval. This is just 1 of many articles read recently that reinforce my belief that Alberta needs to be a Nation, unlike Quebec we would be better off.

Gord Snell,

Three Hills, Ab

AKA Mr Separatist