These actions are attempts to divert attention from Kenny’s failures as a leader

Dear Editor,

Re: “RCMP CBA Negotiations” by Martin Shields; Jan. 19, 2022

Has the public noticed that Mr. Kenny’s gov’t continues to attack the public sector? First of all, we had the running battles with doctors and nurses over salaries and working condition, and now we see our gov’t going after the RCMP and the teachers.

All of these actions are attempts to divert attention from Kenny’s failures as a leader (The public must obey health rules and restrictions, but he and his cabinet ministers can party. The old “double standards” game). By the way, have we noticed that the PM of England, Boris Johnson, is being attacked for the same actions as Mr. Kenny, and even members of his own party are calling for his resignations (for being such a hypocrite), and there is even talk of a police investigation into Johnson’s behaviour. Can we be so lucky?

Mr. Kenny and his ministers have myopic views of their world since they continue to push for a provincial police force in spite of opposition from the majority of Albertans and from the majority of municipalities.

As well, his Minister of Education, continues to push for changes to the education curriculum despite opposition from local school boards, from the majority of parents, and from the teachers as well.

These actions by Kenny are to divert attention from secret past actions with the mining companies. With his theft of the teachers’ administration of their pension fund. His continued push for private health care at the expense of our public health care system. Notice that doctors, nurses, and teachers are leaving the province because they can no longer work in a hostile environment towards them. Plus, by underfunding them, they will fail, and then Mr. Kenny can bring in American-style private health care and American-style education while using our “public money” to support private businesses.

Remember: Albertans pride themselves on “rugged individualism”, yet we have a gov’t that believes that spending public money on private businesses is the best approach to governing our province. Say, Mr. Kenny! Did you allow the citizens the opportunity to vote on a provincial police force? On coal mining leases in the west country? On the sale of crown land to private developers. On funding to private schools and to charter schools? On a provincial pension plan to replace CPP and OAS? On usurping the administration of public servants’ pension funds? On changes to the school curriculum? On the administration of the Heritage Trust Fund?

Oops! I forgot that you only favour referendums when they suit you. The rest of the time you operate behind the scenes with decrees (much like an oligarchy) or with consultations from your inner cycle of friends and supporters. Have you heard of the children’s story about the emperor’s new clothes?

Lastly, Mr. Kenny: How much money have you set aside for the Heritage Trust Fund from the huge increases in oil and gas revenues? Are you setting aside money for a “rainy day fund”, or are you spending it as fast as it comes in to the provincial coffers? How about money for the “war room” bureaucracy? For the energy sector? Say! How much are all those “orphan wells” costing the taxpayers? Why do taxpayers and the municipalities have to “foot the bill” instead of the energy companies? Oops! I forgot that you have a “double standard” for supporting “private businesses”.

George Thatcher,

Trochu, Ab