Grateful to Premier Kenny

Dear Editor,

Last week the Editor asked if there was anyone who believed Jason Kenny was the one to lead us into the future. It looks like it won’t be him but until I see someone better in the running I will stick with him. I do not understand the thinking of those who dislike him so much that they would consider electing the NDP. They did tremendous harm the 4 years they mismanaged Alberta in cooperation with Justin Trudeau, imagine the havoc if they got another chance to partner with him. Part of Premier Kenny’s troubles stem from the sabotage directed at him from AHS, much of the leadership appointed by the NDP. It is interesting that this Premier who was reluctant to introduce mandates and lockdowns is the least popular in Canada while the Quebec Premier who is the most draconian and quite willing to trample rights is one of the most popular. I used to think most Albertans were not sheep who would allow themselves to be herded, but now I realize many are not only willing but insisting to be told what to do and demanding punishment for those who are unwilling to submit.

I experienced the same Code Red ambulance and hospital situations, but they were under PC and NDP rule, at least the UCP has made an effort to rectify. Realize that the bureaucrats and the unions are responsible for making the ambulance staff stay with the patient because it meant the hospital staff did not have responsibility for them. I realize that Kazcee Madu made an error in a phone call, but it appears to me that the media, particularly the CBC had been scouring for an opportunity to “gotcha” him because of of his plain speaking and his desire to replace the RCMP with a Provincial Police Force which is long overdo. The RCMP has become an arm of the Liberal government which is evident in their handling of the Trudeau, SNC-Lavalin scandal, just one example. They also in recent years have settled or are settling sexual harassment lawsuits in the hundreds of millions of dollars. They are ruled mainly by bureaucrats from Quebec because of the bilingual requirement, and Quebec has it’s own provincial police force. I admire and respect the rank and file and I am sure they would be welcome in a provincial force. It was stated that the government is forcing a new curriculum down Albertan’s throats, but the opposition I see is coming from the union not parents.

Returning to Premier Kenny’s replacement, let me remind you that it was not long ago that he left Ottawa for Alberta to run for the leadership of the PC party, (who with other liberals had made progressive a dirty word) with the stated intention of disbanding it and then convincing the Wildrose Party to disband and then a new party, the UCP would form and he would run for the leadership. He won and then proceeded to rid AB of the NDP. Many thought it couldn’t be done, just as many are counting him out now. I will support a candidate with a better chance and a tougher stance with Ottawa when and if I see him or her but I will still be grateful to Premier Kenny and I believe if not for the pandemic, Premier Kenny would be riding high.

Gord Snell

Three Hills, Ab