Dear Editor:

If it were not for the collective focus of our society being on COVID-19 there is another event that would surely be prominent at this time. It is the 2nd year anniversary of the Humboldt Bus Crash and injured Humboldt Bronco Ryan Straschnitzki has launched a lawsuit against all parties responsible for that 2018 crash.

The parties responsible are not just the driver of the truck but also the bus driver as well as others. There is so much more to the events of April 6, 2018 than Jask

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To the Editor:

Re: “Gratifying to see the recognition been given to Dr. Deena Hinshaw” (April 1, 2020)

The author starts by praising Alberta’s Chief Medical Officer (all the provinces’ chief medical officers should be praised for their services to our country), but, as usual, he diverts to denigrating the NDP and the prime minister while praising Kenny (Ever notice that he also praises Trump, the NRA, and the separatist movement?).

The author sees his political world thro

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Dear Editor:

This past week I received a letter from our family doctor in Three Hills. The letter informed me that he was closing his practice and will be leaving the province. This is terrible news why would such a fine doctor want to leave. I read on “This decision (to close his practice) is based on the uncertainty in Alberta, the tearing up of the physician contract by Health Minister Tyler Shandro, the lack of trust with government, and the pure attack on family doctors” (This i

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To the Editor;

Just think of all the money we’re going to save because of this pandemic:

• Gambling halls will be closed down

• 6/49 and Lotto Max can be played only on-line

• Reduced out-of-town travelling

• Swimming pools and exercise gyms closed

• Churches closed, so no more tithing

• Far less eating out

• Drinking establishments closed – far cheaper to drink at home

• No more flying to far off destinations

Other positive things:

• It s

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